Julian Debreuil


'Julian Debreuil’s performance of Prince Gremin’s aria in Act 3 is brilliantly sung and full of wonder' - Mary Grace Nguyen writing for The Cross-Eyed pianist / Eugene Onegin (Opera Loki 2018)

‘Julian Debreuil's warm Sarastro' - Ron Simpson writing for The Reviews Hub / Die Zauberfloete (OperaUpClose 2018)

'... the beautifully deep tones of Sarastro, sung by Julian Debreuil' - Daniel Perks writing for CultureByNight / Die Zauberfloete (Soho Theatre 2017)

'There's good stuff too from Julian Debreuil's sonorous bass' - Gary Naylor writing for Broadway World Review / Die Zauberfloete (Soho Theatre 2017)

'Julian Debreuil lends his sonorous, euphonic voice to the kind and wise Sarastro' - Verity Williams writing for LondonTheatres / Die Zauberfloete (Charles Court Opera 2017)

'Fantastic singing without impairment' - Dean Wood writing for EverythingTheatre / Die Zauberfloete (Charles Court Opera 2017)

'High points of an exceptional evening include Julian Debreuil's Sarastro, his voice particularly stunning on the low notes' - John Watson writing for Shawsheet / Die Zauberfloete (Charles Court Opera 2017)

'Julian Debreuil had a stentorian voice and imposing presence' - Robert Hugill writing for Planethugill / Die Zauberfloete (Charles Court Opera 2017)

'Julian Debreuil sings emotively as Sarastro' - Maryam Philpott writing for The Reviews Hub / Die Zauberfloete (Charles Court Opera 2017)

'Julian Debreuil is a sturdy Briano' - Anna Picard writing for The Times / Aroldo (UCOpera 2017)

'A strong and clearly sung bass by Julian Debreuil' - Mark Ronan writing for Theatre Reviews / Aroldo (UCOpera 2017)

'Briano doesn't get any big solo but Julian Debreuil's sturdy bass made his presence felt' - Mark Pullinger writing for Backmesser's Quill / Aroldo (UCOpera 2017)

'A very good singer - a powerful, attractive sound with a great deal of vocal colour' - The Wagner Society (2016)

'Julian Debreuil is well-chiselled of voice' - Yehuda Shapiro writing for Opera Magazine / Don Giovanni (Winslow Hall Opera 2016)

'This performance is dominated by Julian Debreuil who sings with power and sonority. His interpretation of this role is incredibly believable.' - Classic Toulouse / Don Giovanni (Le Theatre l'Italienne de Cherbourg 2015)

'Julian Debreuil stands out as an edgy Zuniga' - Fiona Maddocks wiring for The Guardian / Carmen (The Soho Theatre 2015)